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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Cheap Umrah Deals

Please Read This Important Information Before Booking your Package with Cheap Umrah Deals.

Please carefully read our terms and conditions before making your reservation. All bookings made through Cheap Umrah Deals are subject to these terms, which outline both parties’ rights and responsibilities. Cheap Umrah Deals is referred to as “we” and “us” in these terms, while “you” and “your” refer to the person making the reservation and all other people included in the reservation. Your utilization of our website assumes acknowledgment of these agreements. Please do not use our website if you do not agree with any of these terms.

You can book a complete Umrah package at Cheap Umrah Deals, which includes hotel rooms, flights, and travel, or you can choose to book just the accommodations or flights. We aim to give you the best options for your Umrah so that you can have a memorable time.

Umrah Package

At the point when you book a combination of flights (or other travel arrangements), hotel accomodation, vehicle or transportatiom, or other significant traveler services for your tour, it makes a package according to the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements of action Guidelines 2018. As the tour package organiser, Cheap Umrah Deals take full responsibility for safeguarding your payments financially.

Bookings for transportation and lodging as a single component

You have an option to book individual components, such as accommodations or flights, at Cheap Umrah Deals. We act as an agent on behalf of the supplier (the “Supplier/Principal”) providing these services in these instances. Please refer to Sections A and C of our Booking Conditions for more details.

Terms of Reservation for Cheap Umrah Deals

We act as an agent on behalf of the service provider (the “Supplier/Principal”) when you book specific or individual components from us, like flights or accommodation alone. For the terms and conditions for your reservation you can visit Sections A and C.

For additional details regarding the conditions that apply to tour package and the total understanding of this Package, kindly read segments A and B of our booking conditions.


  1. Preparing for Your Travel Bookings

The first person on the reservation or the person making the payment agrees on behalf of all other people on the reservation that they:

  • Have read and consent to be agreed by these Booking Conditions.
  • Consent to our processing of their personal information through our Privacy Statement and permit us to share the personal information of each person listed on the reservation and any special categories of information (such as health conditions, disabilities, and dietary requirements).
  • Are over 18 when booking, and confirm that all group members meet the age requirements for the booked services.
  • Acknowledge financial requirement regarding all installments connected with the setting up for the benefit of all people listed in the booking.


The availability of each service varies. Until a ticket is purchased, fares cannot be guaranteed.

The required deposit specified at booking time must be paid at the time of booking. After we accept your booking, receive your deposit or full payment in cleared funds, we issue a confirmation invoice on our behalf or that of the relevant supplier, a contract will be established. Please verify that the provided credentials match those in the appropriate passports.

Online Bookings

When making an online reservation with Cheap Umrah Deals, please ensure that you accurately provide all necessary information. Because online reservations are processed automatically, you must verify that all information, including travel information, is correct. Check that the flights, hotels, or other arrangements you make are the right ones, and enter the passenger information accurately as it is on the passport. Any inconsistencies or errors in the information you provide online are not our responsibility. You will be responsible for any additional costs that arise as a result of any errors.

You should ensure that the credit or debit card you use is either your own or you are using a third party’s card. You have an obvious permission to use it. Also check if there are enough funds to pay for your reservation. We will process your reservation (subject to availability) and charge your credit card once we receive and accept it. A confirmation email and an invoice will be sent to you. Please carefully review these documents upon receiving and notify us immediately if any errors, as modifications may not be possible later.

After your reservation has been confirmed, you will be charged an additional fee for any changes you make. After you submit your booking request, we cannot guarantee the availability of any package, flight, or individual components.

Important Information Regarding Telephone Reservations

Please ensure that you accurately provide all necessary information when making a reservation through telephone with Cheap Umrah Deals. Verify that the information you provided matches the information in your passport. If you want to use a credit or debit card, it must be your own, or if you want to use someone else’s, you need their clear permission and ensure you have enough money to cover the cost.

Please be aware that a reservation made over the phone is confirmed immediately, just like a written reservation. Until payment is received and confirmed, we cannot guarantee the availability of any Umrah package, flight, or individual component. We will process your reservation based on availability and charge your credit card once we accept it. There will be charges for canceling after that point. After your reservation is processed, you will receive an invoice, an electronic ticket (e-ticket), and a confirmation. If there are any errors in these documents, please let us know immediately because changes may not be possible later. Additional costs will be associated with any changes made after the booking, including charges from the supplier and administrative fees.

Terms Of Use:

You must pay the remaining balance on all bookings by the due date on the confirmation invoice. Please be aware that full payment may be required before receiving the confirmation invoice for certain telephone bookings.

If you don’t pay your balances on time, your tour package or flights may be canceled, and you’ll be responsible for paying the cancellation fees. During the booking process, you will be informed of any additional “booking charges.” Please be aware that all cheque payments have a seven-day clearance period. Your reservation charges may increase due to fuel or other supplier surcharges until full payment is received. It’s critical to note that we don’t acknowledge legal responsibility regarding cash sent using dispatch or post.

Policy for Data Protection:

We will need to use the information you provide to continue the booking process and guarantee the smooth operation of your travel arrangements. For additional information, please refer to our Data Protection and Privacy Policy, which can be found under.

Requirements for a Passport, Visa, and Health:

You are responsible for checking that your travel documents are in order and that you have met all passport, visa, and health requirements.

Passport and Visa:

Passport and visa requirements may change, so please check with the appropriate Embassy or Consulate for up-to-date information. We cannot hold responsible if you aren’t able to enter the flight or into any country because you have not the correct passport, visa, or other required documents. After your planned return date, your passport must be valid for at least six months.

In addition, check to see that you meet the health and visa requirements for entry into each country, including the transit stops you will be visiting. Individual machine-readable passports are required for each passenger traveling to the United States, and an approved ESTA application must be completed at least 72 hours before departure. The inability to get an ESTA endorsement might bring about denied boarding. For the most recent travel information, go to www.uk.usembassy.gov. Be aware that your EHIC is only valid until its expiration date and comprehensive medical insurance must be purchased before departure for European vacations. Parents traveling to South Africa with children under 18 must present the child’s full, unabridged birth certificate.

Essential Travel Advice from the FCDO

The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) provides essential travel advice for destinations worldwide, including information on health, safety, security, and entry requirements, as well as local laws. Kindly visit https://www.gov.uk/travelaware to check the most recent travel guidance for your objective. Since travel advice is subject to change, it’s best to keep checking until your tour starts.

Guidelines for Health

Guaranteeing your well-being and prosperity during your travel is most important. Prior to your departure, we strongly recommend consulting your physician for the most recent vaccination recommendations. The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) advises visiting your doctor at least four to six weeks before your trip to evaluate any necessary vaccinations or preventative measures.

The National Travel Health Network and Centre’s TravelHealthPro website and NHS Scotland’s Fitfortravel website provide country-specific health information and recommendations. The NHS Choices website, on the other hand, offers helpful information and guidance regarding healthcare in different countries. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to get the recommended vaccines, take the prescribed medications, and listen to medical advice about your tour. We want your process to be protected and pleasant.

Medical Considerations and Special Requests

Please let us know if you have any special requirements when you book. We make every effort to accommodate these requests, but we cannot guarantee their success. Providing a special request to the supplier or noting it on your confirmation invoice does not guarantee its fulfillment. Our failure to fulfill a special request does not mean a break of contract. At the time of booking, please let us know in writing if you have any disabilities or medical conditions that might affect how you plan to travel. Please provide complete information. Please be aware that disabled travelers may not have access to all the facilities at some destinations. We might demand an authority’s demonstration declaring your wellness to travel.

If we discover undisclosed information in any of the bookings, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation or charge a cancellation fee.

Travel restrictions and other losses may result from noncompliance with passport, visa, immigration, or health formalities requirements. If you don’t follow these rules, you agree to reimburse us for any penalties or losses.

Implicit set of principles

We expect all travelers to act responsibly and to respect the rights and belongings of others. Your activities are your responsibility, and you are liable for any harm or loss caused to the lodging or other suppliers. We are can make claims and charged you for any losses as a result of your actions, including legal fees.

We maintain an authority to end your booking plans without notice if you cause a hazard to other people or any property. Your reservation will be immediately canceled, and we will not be responsible for any costs or compensation. You could face legal action if you don’t pay for the damages.

Please be aware that during your stay, we cannot be held accountable for the actions or conduct of unrelated guests or individuals.

Conformity to Regulations

You are responsible for obeying the foreign exchange and drug regulations, as well as other laws, customs, and rules of the countries you visit. If you engage in illegal or socially unacceptable behavior, we reserve the right to cancel your vacation without liability for refunds or legal claims.


Your agreement with us or the relevant Supplier/Principal requires you to purchase travel insurance. You can choose to take advantage of our insurance or make your own arrangements. Your insurance agreement should incorporate Coronavirus enclosure, including, but not restricted to, wiping out and retreating charges, surprising end of your tour, clinical costs, bringing home expenses (counting air rescue vehicle), individual mishaps, and misfortune or harm to particular belongings. Is it advisable for you to go without satisfactory protection inclusion? We can’t be considered answerable for any misfortunes that would have, in any case, been covered by protection.

Calls made by phone

We have the right to record phone discussions with the end goal to improve customer service standards, quality assurance, fixing, and constant inspection of our client assistance guidelines.

Complaints and Claims

We at Cheap Umrah Deals want to make sure your trip is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. However, we are aware that problems occasionally occur. This is the way we handle cases and complaints:

The contract for your arrangements is between you and the Supplier/Principal if we are acting as an agent. You should directly contact them if you have any questions or concerns. If you experience an issue during your tour, report it to the provider right away. Follow this procedure on time to ensure our ability to investigate and resolve your complaint correctly. Depending upon the conditions, how much compensation you might be qualified for could be impacted.

If you have a complaint, please write to the Supplier/Principal when you get back from your trip. You can find their details in the confirmation documents/receipt we send you, which may include their name, address, and contact information. Feel free to contact our Customer Services team for assistance; we are here to assist you throughout this process. The Cheap Umrah Deal Arbitration Structure, facilitated by Hunt ADR, can be referred to if the issue involving us remains unresolved. The structure’s specifics are provided below.

Please immediately notify the relevant supplier, such as your proprietor, if you have booked a tour package with us. Additionally, you can get in touch with us by calling the contact numbers on our website. Please write to our Customer Services Department to intensify the issue if it still needs to be resolved locally within 28 days of your return home, to ensure a thorough investigation, include your booking reference and all relevant information. If you have a complaint, you should contact the service provider right away and fill out a complaint form while you are still at the tour. Your rights under this contract may be affected if you don’t follow this procedure.


You have the option of seeking settlement through the Cheap Umrah Deals Arbitration Structure, managed by Hunt ADR, if in case that our internal complaints procedure outlined in clause 11 is followed and a “deadlock” is reached, indicating an inability to resolve your complaint. Please access the application form here to begin arbitration. The Arbitration Rules will govern the arbitration process, but they can be provided upon request.

Construction Work

Kindly note that minor repair and support work may incidentally be in progress at properties. The majority of these activities will not have any negative effects on your tour experience.


For some routes, only electronic tickets are offered by airlines. In case you’re on one of these routes, we can give you a paper ticket on your demand. However, each ticket costs £10, in addition to any airline fees.

Terms of the Suppliers

Keep in mind that a number of the services included in your tour package are provided by independent vendors and suppliers. Your contract with us or the relevant supplier will be governed by these suppliers’ own terms and conditions. The supplier’s liability to you may be limited or excluded by some of these terms and conditions, typically in accordance with applicable international agreements. If you need to, please request copies of these terms and conditions from us or the relevant supplier.

Legal and Flight Data


English law governs these Booking Conditions and any agreements to which they apply. The Courts of England and Wales will exclusively handle any disputes or claims arising from your booking or contract, as agreed upon by both parties. However, if you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you can choose which laws and courts apply to you.

Flights and Travel Documents

Please be aware that a flight that is listed on your ticket as “direct” may or may not be uninterrupted. The departure and arrival times on your ticket are only estimates because they can change due to conditions like air traffic control, weather, and operational requirements. In the event of a delay, the airline has the sole option, and we are unable to make any special arrangements for you.

Infant fare will apply, which is typically set at 10% of the published IATA fare, if infants will be under 2 years old on the date of their return flight.

On the off chance that you need to tell the transporter to use an area of your flight schedule before telling the them, any remaining areas might be cancelled without earlier notification. In such instances, we cannot be held accountable for any costs experienced.

Please take note of the existence of the “UK Air Safety List,” which contains a list of airlines that are not allowed to operate within the United Kingdom. If the airline is on this list and is listed as “blocked,” we reserve the right to switch it. At check-in or at the boarding gate, you will be informed of any airline changes as soon as possible.

Reconfirmation of Flight

For both outbound and return flights, you must confirm that there have been no changes by contacting us or the airline at least 72 hours prior to the departure time mentioned on your ticket. If you don’t reconfirm your flights, we won’t be held accountable for any additional costs. Reconfirming your journey, no less than 72 hours before takeoff is a mandatory requirement.

Checking of Travel Documents After Delivery

We’ll email your travel documents. It is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of each travel document you receive. Please let us know right away if there are any errors, as fixing any errors may cost extra. We can only take responsibility if you inform us about the mistakes. We will send the documents to the address you provided when booking (if you ask us to do so). However, we will not send any documents until we receive full payment. Typically, you will receive your documents a week prior to departure. If we need to send them by post or fax, there may be additional charges. You will be responsible for any additional costs associated with replacing lost or late documents. Furthermore, if you book late, we may need to use a specialized delivery service; we will inform you of any additional costs at that time.

Some governments now require airlines to provide them with personal information about all passengers, before flights leave the UK. This may occur when you book or when you check-in. Therefore, ensure that you leave from home and have enough time for the airport formalities. We’ll deal with your data as indicated by our privacy policy.

Special Price Guarantee

We’ll surely match if you find any lower price within 24 hours of booking with us for the same flight under given conditions:

  • You must request a price match within 24 hours of making a reservation with us.
  • It only applies to flights that are scheduled.
  • A travel agent based in the UK must be the source of the lower price.
  • The airline, flight numbers, times, airports, and route must all exactly match the flights.
  • In order for us to match the lower price, you must pay the total amount up front.
  • The lower price must be offered to UK customers in GBP.
  • You must provide us with evidence of the lower price, such as a letter or a screenshot from the competitor’s website.
  • Before agreeing to match the price, we’ll check everything.
  • We will not accept any cost match appeals that we believe are a result of a blunder or misrepresentation.
  • If you want the ticket in less than 24 hours, the special cost guarantee doesn’t apply.
  • The special price guarantee could change or stop out of the blue, and it can’t be merged with different offers.

Refunds for Airline Tickets

If you want to get a refund for an air ticket, we charge a £60 administration fee per ticket, regardless of how many tickets you are returning. In accordance with their policies, you’ll also have to pay any airline or consolidator cancellation fees. There is no assurance that you will automatically receive a refund. We will send your returned ticket to the airline or consolidator to determine whether you are eligible for a refund in accordance with their policies. To ensure that the tickets don’t get lost in the mail, we recommend sending them back to us via particular delivery post.

Your air ticket is considered non-refundable if the refundable portion is less than the £60 administration fee. If you ask us to submit an application for a tax refund on your behalf, we also charge a £60 administration fee per ticket. The ticket cannot be refunded if the tax refund is less than £60. We won’t pay you any reimbursements until we get the cashback from the aircraft or consolidator, which typically takes around 4 to 5 weeks.

Flight Changes

If your flight is canceled, the next step will be taken according to airline rules. You could be transferred to a different flight with the same airline at no additional cost, rerouted with a different airline, or get a full refund. We will notify you if your flight schedule changes before you have paid in full or received your tickets.

The supplier has the final say on whether or not to change the schedule after you have paid in full or received your tickets, or you may be required to pay change fees.

Taxes on departure

We can’t always include all taxes at the airport in the price of your ticket. We are unable to refund departure taxes that you may be required to pay directly to the government of the country you are leaving.


This part possibly applies if you’re reserving a Package Holiday with Cheap Umrah Deals.

We maintain an authority to end your booking plans without notice if you cause a hazard to other people or any property. Your reservation will be immediately canceled, and we will not be responsible for any costs or compensation. You could face legal action if you don’t pay for the damages.

Please be aware that during your stay, we cannot be held accountable for the actions or conduct of unrelated guests or individuals.

What is a Package?

When you book a Package with cheap Umrah deals, you’ll get specific freedoms and advantages under the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Guidelines 2018 (PTRs), as described in Segment B of these Booking Conditions.

A “Package” is made when you book two different travel services for a similar journey or trip.

(a) means of transportation;

(b) a place to stay;

(c) renting motorcycles, cars, or other vehicles;

(d) any additional tourist service that is not included in the previously mentioned services.

These administrations or services must be reserved from our website, picked by you before you pay, promoted, sold, or charged as a complete cost, or under the expression “package” or something almost identical.

Important note: Your booking may not be considered a package if it only includes one type of travel service (a-c) and one or more tourist services (d)

Your booking might not be considered as a package if:

  • the tourist services are not advertised as essential components of the Package and do not account for 25% of the total value; or
  • You select and pay for tourist services after you have rented a car, a place to stay, or transportation. A “Single Component” booking is made in these situations, and Cheap Umrah Deals acts as the Supplier/Principal’s agent.

You will not have similar freedoms under the PTRs. As an “organizer” under the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations of 2018, we take responsibility for a Package when you book it in accordance with these Booking Conditions.

Acknowledgment of Booking

Before you book, we’ll let you know the correct price, in case if we change the prices in our brochures or on our website recently.

Once you have selected a vacation and agreed on the price, fill out the booking form and send it to us along with a non-refundable £150.00 deposit for each person and an insurance premium (if needed). You will be required to pay the total amount if it occurs within eight weeks of your departure. We may ask for a larger deposit or full payment at times, such as when booking during peak seasons at certain hotels. At the point when we get the payment along with the registration form, we’ll send you a confirmation receipt, and that is the point at which the agreement between us begins. We will also provide you with an ATOL Certificate if your vacation includes a flight. If there is anything wrong with it when you receive it, please let us know within five to ten days.

You really need to pay the remaining amount two months before you leave. We may cancel your reservation and keep the deposit if we do not receive it on time. The Air Travel Trust receives all payments to one of our authorized agents for ATOL-protected bookings.

Protection against Failure of Your Package

We give financial security to ATOL-safeguarded flights and flight-comprehensive bundles through our Air Travel Organization License (ATOL) with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). At the point when you purchase an ATOL-safeguarded flight or Package from us, you’ll get an ATOL Declaration that makes intellect of what’s safe and who to contact if there will be issues.

To learn more, go to www.atol.org.uk. An ATOL Protection Contribution (APC) of £2.50 per person is included in the price of our flight-inclusive packages. The ATOL Scheme only covers customers who book and pay in the UK and not all of our tours or services.

The Trust may make a payment to you under the ATOL scheme if either we or the suppliers on your ATOL Certificate are unable to provide the listed services. In return, you must give up any claims you might have against us or the company that issued your credit card. Your money may not be protected if you book something other than a listed package from us.

Your Tour Cost

According to the date mentioned on the invoice, we use the exchange rates from www.xe.com to determine the cost of your selected Package. We may raise the cost of the confirmed tour package for the following reasons:

  • increased fuel or other costs associated with transportation;
  • increased fees or taxes imposed by third parties, such as airport or tourist taxes;
  • alterations in exchange rates.

You will be responsible for any increase in the rates, but if it is greater than 8% of the tour package price (excluding insurance, alterations, or additional services), you can choose a different package or cancel and receive a full refund provided you notify us within seven days of receiving your final invoice.

We will reimburse you the difference, if the price drops but the £60 administrative fee is non-refundable. However, keep in mind that fluctuations in exchange rates can have no effect on the cost of your trip.

Within twenty days of your departure, the price of your vacation and refunds will remain the same.

Changes And Cancellations made by you:

We will do our best to assist you in making any necessary adjustments if you decide to alter your plans after booking. The person who made the reservation must send written requests for changes using the registered email address. We will charge a £60 modification fee per person, in addition to any other expenses we suffer in making the changes. Note that airlines commonly treat name changes as cancellation or rebooking, which could mean a 100 percent cancellation charge for the airfare.

We will do our best to accommodate any changes you want to make after your tour begins, but we cannot guarantee that they will be assuredly possible. You will be responsible for any cancellation fees or additional costs experienced by us or our suppliers in the event of any changes.

Transfer of Reservation:

If a member of your group is unable to participate in the tour, they may transfer their reservation to another person subject to the following conditions:

  1. The new person meets all of the trip’s requirements;
  2. We are informed at least seven days prior to departure;
  3. A £60 transfer fee per person and any other costs are paid in addition to any remaining balance;
  4. The new individual accepts our Booking Conditions and all other contract terms.

You and the new person share the financial burden of covering all costs. There will be cancellation fees experienced to cover our estimated costs if you are unable to find a replacement. Otherwise, passengers who do not travel or who do not use services will not receive a refund.

Significant Note: A few arrangements can’t be changed or moved after they’re confirmed, and any developments could bring about a cancellation of total 100 percent of that part of the plan.

  1. Annulment of the tour:

Please let us know as soon as possible if you or someone on your reservation decides to cancel the trip. The person who made the reservation (using the registered email ID) must confirm any phone cancellation within 24 hours in writing or by email. We only consider when we receive your written cancellation at our offices.

We’ll send you a cancellation receipt in 7 days or less. Contact us right away if you are still waiting to receive it to avoid additional fees. If you already have your airline tickets, return them to us with your cancellation application. Since we charge costs for canceling the tours, you’ll need to pay the cancellation charges as mentioned below:

The Timeframe Before Your Departure When You Inform Us.Cancellation Charges
More than 57 daysForfeiture of the deposit
56-29 days50% of the total holiday expenses
28-15 days65% of the total holiday expenses
14-4 days80% of the total holiday expenses
Less than 4 days100% of the total holiday expenses

Please be aware that there will be no refunds for insurance perks or amendment fees.

Specific travel arrangements can’t be altered or canceled after affirmation without causing a 100 percent retraction charge. Before you proceed with the cancellation, we will inform you if any charges apply in case of cancellation.

Comprehensive insurance, which typically covers deposit loss and cancellation fees, is highly recommended.

Any cancellation charges will be deducted from the installments you’ve previously made to us.

Note: If some, however not all, individuals from the group cancels the already booked tour, extra charges might apply to the remaining individuals.

Cancellation by You Due to Unavoidable and Extraordinary Circumstances

In the event of “unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances” at your tour destination or nearby that significantly affect the travel or transportation arrangements to the destination, you have the right to cancel your confirmed Package prior to departure without having to pay a cancellation fee. In such cases, you’ll get a full refund for the installments you’ve made; however, no extra remuneration will be given.

Kindly note that this option to drop applies provided that the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office prompts against movement to your destination or nearby places. For this provision, “inescapable and exceptional conditions” incorporate fighting, demonstrations of psychological oppression, huge well-being dangers like flare-ups of severe illnesses at the destination, or catastrophic events like floods, seismic tremors, or risky weather conditions anticipating safe travel to the place.

Alterations and Cancellations by Us

Since we frequently plan journey plans a number of months ahead, there might be events where we really want to alter or drop your booking, and we have the authority to do so whenever needed.


If we make minor changes to your tour package, we’ll definitely inform you or your travel planner expeditiously if there’s time before your takeoff.

The term “minor changes” refers to things like a slight alteration to your flight times, a change in the type of aircraft, or switching to a lodging option with a comparable or superior standard. Please be aware that the airlines mentioned in the brochure may change. At times, we may have to make significant alterations to the arrangements you have already made.

Among the significant changes are:

  • Changing the area of your accommodation.
  • Minimizing your convenience for a critical part of your visit.
  • Amending your leaving time or overall length of the tour by over 12 hours.
  • Changing your takeoff air terminal in the UK.
  • Altering your travel plans, such as omitting one or more destinations entirely.


With the exception of circumstances beyond our control or in the event that you have not paid the final balance, we will not cancel your travel arrangements within sixty days of your departure. However, if we do not reach the minimum number of clients required for a particular arrangement, we reserve the right to cancel your tour prior to this date. In the event that we really want to make a vast improvement or cancel the plan, we’ll inform you swiftly.

If there is time before your departure, we will give you the option to:

  1. Acknowledge the changed arrangements.
  2. All payments will be refunded in full.
  3. If there is a choice, make complimentary alternative travel arrangements that are of a comparable or higher standard.
  4. Choose alternative arrangements with lower standards and get the difference in price back.

Within seven days of receiving our offer, you must notify us of your choice. We will follow up with you if we do not hear from you. If you don’t answer, we’ll expect you’ve acknowledged the progressions in the plans.


In the event that we cancel or make out huge developments and you claim a refund, we’ll refund your premium insurance payments paid to us, but then you can’t reuse your contract.


We will compensate you in the following circumstances in addition to providing a full refund:

  • We will suggest that your reservation be canceled if you reject significant modifications.
  • If we cancel your reservation without providing alternatives. If you are entitled to do so, you can still claim additional compensation beyond what we have provided.

The time before your departure is when we will inform you about a significant change.

The time before your departure when we inform you about a significant change.

Compensation for each individual (excluding infants
Beyond a period of eight weeksNone
From eight to two weeks£30
Fewer than two weeks£50

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In certain conditions, we will not be able to compensate you. These conditions are:

  • Compensations will not be entertained in case of minor changes.
  • If massive changes or cancellations happen over 60 days before your flight.
  • If you agree to the altered plans or choose different travel plans.
  • Cancellation due to late payment.
  • Your own modifications or cancellations.
  • Occasions beyond our control (Force Majeure – allude to clause 32).

We will make every effort to arrange alternate options at no additional cost if a significant portion of your booked arrangements cannot be provided after your departure or if the arrangements are of a lower standard, you’ll get a reasonable cost decrease.

Our Commitment to Your Tour Package

(1) We focus on giving or coordinating the plans settled upon for you as the “coordinator” under the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018. Appropriately, we are responsible for the provision of all arrangements and services mentioned on your booking confirmation receipt. But if we or our providers carelessly neglect to satisfy or organize these arrangements perfectly, which brings adverse consequences on your tour, and we don’t address your complaints within a given time span, you might get a reasonable price decrease or compensation.

It’s essential to immediately advise us regarding any disappointments or issues in conveying the proper travel arrangements to you as promised in the Package. The amount of compensation will be determined based on a number of factors, such as whether you followed the complaint procedure outlined in these Booking Conditions and how much your experience was impacted by our or our suppliers or employees’ negligence. If it’s not too much trouble, note you should exhibit carelessness on our part or that of our supplier(s) to guarantee against us.

(2) We won’t be obligated or offer remuneration for any injury, sickness, passing, misfortune, harm, cost, or different cases emerging from:

(a) The acts or omissions of the people who are affected;

  1. b) Unpredictable or unavoidable actions or omissions by an unrelated third party;
  2. c) Force Majeure (according to clause 32’s definition).

(3) Under this clause, we limit the amount of compensation we may be required to pay:

(a) For money, luggage, and personal belongings that are lost or damaged: The most extreme payout will be the abundance on your insurance contract material to such misfortunes per individual altogether, as you are expected to have satisfactory protection inclusion for such misfortunes.

(b) For claims inconsequential to injury, disease, or demise: The most significant payout will ultimately depend on multiple times the all-out cost paid by or in the interest of the impacted person(s). This most excellent sum applies provided that everything turns out badly and you or your party get no advantages from your booking.

(c) For claims with respect to global travel via air, ocean, rail, or inn stays:

  1. I) Our obligation will be restricted as though we were transporters under the pertinent Shows, including The Warsaw/Montreal Show (for air travel), The Athens Show (for ocean travel), The Berne/Cotif Show (for rail travel), and The Paris Show (for lodging plans). These Conventions can be obtained from our offices upon request. Additionally, you will be subject to the “Conditions of Carriage” established by the transport company or carrier. We rely on these international conventions and the “Conditions of Carriage,” which are considered a part of your contract with the transport company and us when arranging your transportation.
  2. ii) If a carrier is liable to you for the same incident under the Denied Boarding Regulation 2004, our liability to you under our contract is limited to the Regulation’s remedies, treating us as a carrier solely for this purpose.

iii) When we make a payment, we have the right to deduct any money that the hotel or transportation company paid us for the complaint or claim.

(4) You must strictly follow the complaints procedure outlined in these Booking Conditions in order to accept liability under this clause.

(5) The person or people who will receive any payment—along with their parent or guardian if they are under the age of 18—must give us and our insurers any rights they may have against any third party and provide us and our insurers with any assistance that is required.

(6) We can’t acknowledge liability regarding any harm, misfortune, cost, or different cases:

(a) That we were unable to anticipate based on the information you provided regarding your reservation before accepting it;

(b) Connected with any business.

(7) We won’t be liable for administrations or offices excluded from our understanding or publicized in our pamphlet. For example, any journeys booked during your excursion or administrations/offices settled upon by your inn or different providers.

(8) In conditions where getting back to your flight guide as planned is impossible due to “undeniable and remarkable conditions,” we will give critical convenience to a limit of three evenings for every individual (where conceivable, of practically identical norm). This three-night limit doesn’t matter to people with decreased versatility, pregnant ladies, unaccompanied minors, or those needing explicit clinical support, gave we have been educated regarding these requirements no less than 48 hours before your vacation starts. War, terrorist acts, significant health risks like severe disease outbreaks at the travel destination, natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, or weather conditions that make it unsafe to return to your departure point are all examples of “unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances.”

Unexpected Conditions

If “Force Majeure” has an effect on our contractual obligations to you, we will not be held responsible or compensate you. This term refers to any circumstance that, despite our best efforts, was beyond our or our supplier’s control. War, terrorist threats, civil unrest, significant health risks like disease outbreaks, natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, and weather conditions that make traveling unsafe are examples. It also includes actions taken by the government or local authorities, labor disputes, natural or nuclear disasters, technical transportation issues, and other similar situations that are beyond our or the supplier’s control. Brexit Suggestions: The UK’s exit from the EU might affect specific travel courses of action, similar to flight courses, port access, and visa necessities for English residents. While we’ll screen this and illuminate impacted clients quickly, any progressions because of Brexit will be treated as Power Majeure. We will do our best to provide suitable substitutes or refunds, but we will not be responsible for any compensation.

Other Travel Information, Delays, and Missed Transportation Plans

Contact us and the transport provider right away if you miss a flight or other transportation, experience a delay of more than three hours, or face cancellation. In certain circumstances, such as delays, cancellations, or denied boarding, UK law grants rights to refunds or compensation. Details can be obtained from airlines or UK airports. You must assign your rights against the airline to us when we compensate you if you do not claim from the airline and seek compensation from us. Flight deferrals or scratch-offs because of reasons in the Power Majeure statement will not consequently permit dropping different courses of action. Delays caused by passenger behavior or Force Majeure are not our responsibility. Our brochure or website’s carrier, flight times, and aircraft types are only for informational purposes. We’ll advise you regarding the genuine carrier(s) once known. Check your tickets cautiously upon receipt for exact flight times. We’ll let you know if anything changes after the ticket is sent.

Swift Support

During your vacation, assuming you experience hardships, we’ll offer proper help. This remembers direction for well-being administrations, neighborhood specialists, consular guide, and help with correspondence and elective travel plans. We are not responsible for any costs unless agreed upon in advance if your difficulty is not caused by our failure. You should claim directly from suppliers if they offer lodging or refreshments. If the difficulty was caused by our negligence or intentionality, we may charge a fee for our assistance.


Our contracted arrangements do not include reservations for tours or excursions made during your vacation. The excursion operator, not we, are the parties to your contract. We’re not liable for the trip’s arrangement or any episodes during it. Section C: BOOKINGS BY AGENCY This Section C is in addition to Section A if you have booked accommodations or transportation for a “Single Component” through Southall Travel, which acts as the Supplier/Principal’s agent.

Your Agreement

You will enter into a contract with the Supplier/Principal (like a hotel, tour company, or airline) when you book. We are not responsible for their actions or services as agents. We recommend that you carefully read their terms and conditions because they apply. When we issue a confirmation invoice on their behalf, your contract with the Supplier/Principal begins. Up to that point, no agreement exists.


Upon booking, you will be required to make a deposit or full payment. The entire balance is due by the notified balance due date if you have paid a deposit. The Supplier/Principal may cancel the contract with any applicable fees if you do not pay. All installments to us for plans are held until installment to the Provider/Chief is pursued, per our understanding.

Changes and Cancellations by You

You must notify us by email of any changes or cancellations. We’ll try to help, but your requests need to be in line with the booking conditions set by the Principal/Supplier. Charges might apply, including an organization expense of £60 per individual per booking. Air Ticket Discount: Carrier tickets are frequently non-refundable, non-alterable, and non-re-routable. A few changes might be treated as cancellation by providers. Typically, tickets that have only been used part of the time cannot be refunded. Please be aware that certain Principals and Suppliers have strict policies that result in full cancellation fees.

Changes or Cancellations by the Provider/Supplier

Any changes or cancellations made by the Supplier/Principal will be promptly communicated to you by us. In the event that they offer other options or a discount, illuminate us regarding your decision inside the specified time period. If you don’t respond, you might get a full refund by default.

Our Liability for Your Reservation

The terms of the Supplier/Principal’s contract apply to yours. As specialists, our job is restricted to making the booking according to your instructions. While we pass on data with honest intentions, we’re not at risk for its correctness. Our maximum liability is twice the price of your reservation, excluding liability for negligence-caused personal injury or death.